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Turns out you can drive the go

That's right, the idiots pay to get in the queue, not in the ride, so as long as you can clear out the queue, the suckers will keep comming in non-stop, paying the ticket price each time they do so. Made exclusively for Cheat Happens. Planet Coaster Cheat Codes Bollard — User Controllable Go-Karts Vroom vroom! Not in a position to try this myself right now but I expect the 'tegidcam' cheat was originally named after one of the developers listed in the credits: If it's been changed to be a guest rename cheat code it's pretty likely it's the developer's full name. There's no telling how long these cheats will stick around within the game, but without giving a time-frame, we can imagine they're hear to stay. Made exclusively for Cheat Happens. A cheat that makes guests ride the beautifully animated flat-rides would be much welcomed! Some trainers may set off generic or heuristic notifications with certain antivirus or firewall software.

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The great guys at Frontier granted me early knowledge of two cheats to reveal them in this video on Cheat Day. Thanks for the cheats anyway! Thanks to the amazing Olli43 for this hilarious video: James Taylor — Low coaster friction Let your coasters go just a tad faster with this cheat — for science, of course. When it finishes researching, save up the amount of money it costs to build, build it, and then do everything that I told you to do for the carousel. User created flairs will appear as grey. Let your security guard do the same to your park guests with this cheat. This trainer features customizable hotkeys.

The Full Planet Coaster Cheats List

No Inspection Required, Change Money, Perfect Guests Needs, Set Skill Level of Selected Staff to Master, Perfect Staff Happiness, Perfect Maintenance Status, No Refurbishment Required. Place trash bins down absolutely everywhere. Change Money, Perfect Guests Needs. They just didn't tell anyone. May not work with all versions.

Planet Coaster Cheat Sheet (v0.1) : PlanetCoaster

When it finishes researching, save up the amount of money it costs to build, build. This trainer features customizable hotkeys. The guest cam is useful for videos as well. With these cheats, however, we could anticipate the infamous money cheat making an appearance for whatever reason in due time. Depending on which land you chose, you may or may not have a path to start out with

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